A helping hand for our furry friends

Posted: 14th April 2015.

It is a great thing to give back to the community, but have you ever thought of giving a helping hand to our furry friends at the AAA animal shelter in Marsa?AAA

Volunteering your time at the shelter is not only fun but equally rewarding.  You are invited to join the Famalco Group Events Team on Saturday 25th April from 12.00hrs to 15.00hrsand give a helping hand.  We will be involved in the cleaning and the laying out of new bedding, the administration of prescribed medicines, taking the animals for walks and most importantly giving them a much needed dose of care and affection.  Any other kind of help is appreciated.  This may include donation of dog soft food, dog treats or unwanted clothes to be used as bedding.

A donation box will also be going round at the office and will be presented to AAA on the day of our initiative.  Those interested in attending are urged to contact Claudia on 2339 2272.

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