Coldwell Banker Vice President for Global Operations visits Malta…


Posted: 3rd June 2015.

Vice-president for Global Operations at Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, Mr. Peter Turtzo recently paid a visit to the Coldwell Banker Malta offices and the newly refurbished Coldwell Banker Paramount Realty office in Pitkali Road, Attard.

Mr. Turtzo, a most respected real estate industry professional, explained that whereas physical characteristics in real estate may differ from one market to another, the property consultant’s competence, integrity and professionalism remain constant attributes which are highly prized everywhere, irrespective of geographical location. In this light, he praised Coldwell Banker Malta for providing holistic and continuous training to all its employees.
Managing Director for Coldwell Banker Malta, Mr. Hermann Mallia thanked Mr. Turtzo for visiting. “The fact that Mr. Turtzo had the pleasure to come to Malta despite our small market’s limitations, goes on to show that Coldwell Banker is very positive with regards to the strategies that Coldwell Banker Malta is implementing locally.”

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