Enjoy summer with Vida

The typical Maltese summer is nicely kicking in, temperatures are rising as the island prepares itself for an
endless season of outdoor activities, partying, days at the beach, BBQs’ and of course the traditional
Maltese Festas which bring so much colour to our beautiful villages.

Once again, Vida looks at this season from the eyes of various people who together form Malta’s society.
Celebrities and common people come together to share with us their own stories and their experience of

 summer with Vida

The VIDA summer edition is set for distribution to all Malta & Gozo on 18th June 2019. We have prepared
for our readers amazing content featuring articles on the local music industry, Maltese traditions including
the Maltese bread, traditional village festa and the making of the much debated fireworks. It will feature,
travel stories, interviews with interesting personalities, as well as food recipes.

The magazine has also become home to incredible competitions, giving readers the chance to win
unimaginable prizes, such as the ongoing partnership between SsangYong, Domino’s, iGO and il-Fiera l-
Kbira who together are offering a free new SsangYong Tivoli!

So wherever you’re planning on going this summer, make sure to take your VIDA copy with you!!
The VIDA lifestyle magazine project is an ongoing one, with plans to release new exciting issues every
quarter. The third issue of the revamped magazine is set for distribution in September, following 1 more
2019 issue in December.

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