About Famalco


Mallia brothers joined together not just to establish their company’s name and carry on the previously established family business but to see it soar to unprecedented heights. The Group, which officially started back in December of 1994, set up its business in the fruit importation and distribution sector and marked itself as a leading agent within the field. However, saying that the company’s journey took off around three decades ago would be merely an understatement.

The current Board of Directors are the third generation taking up the long-established fruit importation business set up shortly after World War II. The three brothers’ father and grandfather, owners of Antonio Mallia & Sons, carried out their business by humbly selling fruit in a modest stall along the busy Ta’ Liesse Hill in Valletta, on the Grand Harbour waterfront. The high quality of the generated produce enabled the business to become a pioneer in the distribution of local and imported fresh fruits and vegetables, which paved a seamless road from Fruitland to other areas.

How it all began

The fruit trading business produced rewarding outcomes, but further logistical necessities had to be seen to. In 1995, the Group welcomed Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders to their gradually expanding family of companies, which provided their fruit trading business with temperature- controlled transport, hence facilitating their importation. However, this was not Fahrenheit’s only purpose; it also loaded and handled equipment, imported spare parts for trucks and trailers, and eventually started taking care of automotive and motorcycle dealership.  Eventually, there was a need for a sector which took care of the latter on its own, which gave way to Fapi Motors’ establishment in 1998. From that point on, the Group worked endlessly to expand its horizons and embarked on a further diversification strategy in 2008; one that gave birth to other sectors of specialisation such as property, media, viticulture, retail, automotive dealership, excavation and demolition works, real estate services, and energy.


Famalco Group currently enjoys an extensive portfolio of world-renowned and leading brands, which it considers to be one of its greatest strengths. By following a strong work ethic, the Group built a young, creative and committed central management team, which is constantly seeking new terrain for business development and consolidation. It now includes more than ten companies that are all backed by the centralised team’s expertise on financial and legal matters, human resources, strategic planning, marketing, and public relations.

Customer Care

Quality and customer service are the focus of Famalco Group’s endeavours. The international companies we represent contribute to the high level standard which the brand uses to deliver satisfactory results. Our synergies are developed thanks to the strategic diversification the Group holds, and our dedication to the provision of top quality products and services tailored to clients’ specifications.

In every transaction, we seek to anticipate requirements and dedicate our utmost attention to every detail involved, providing  products and services that meet our clients’ needs best. Above all, what we offer to our client is our full commitment. We offer consistent availability to find you a fitting solution to your problem . We respond greatly towards positivity; an affirmative attitude will go a long way to fuel our work. We are above all ethical in our negotiations and make sure to keep our client’s desires and needs in mind throughout all our tasks. We believe that it is what keeps us honest.