Brands Within The Mobility Sector

Fapi Motors Logo

From the iconic Harley Davidson motorcycles to SsangYong cars, Famalco’s Mobility Division is responsible for Heavy Industries, Vehicle Dealerships, and Truck and Trailer Aftermarket.

SsangYong Logo

A Korean automobile manufacturer that has branches in Malta and Ireland, both operated by Famalco. The range of vehicles offered by this brand is produced on sound principles of safety, style and performance.

Fapi Marine Logo Colour

Having accrued significant knowledge and experience on leisure boating and the requirements of such a clientele, it has positioned itself on the forefront of this market. Boats, tenders, electric surfboards and water scooters are all available at FAPI Marine.

Behr Logo Colour

Today’s hectic lifestyle may at times require a car at short notice. Enter Behr, a car rental and leasing company that cater for your every transportation needs.