Excavation Demolition Civil Works Inert Waste Material and Recycling

Excavation, Demolition, Civil Works & Inert Waste Material Recycling

For Asphalt, Construction, Excavation Works, or better yet Faceworks Ltd. is one of the youngest members of the Famalco Group of companies, establishing itself back on the 2nd of December 2008. With a name that perfectly acronyms the services that it offers, Faceworks Ltd. prides itself on its constantly growing fleet of machinery, which enables it to keep a high position within the sector.

Our Fleet

The wide variety of services which it offers includes: bulldozing buildings, digging wells, cutting rocks, dredging as well as loading and managing of building waste. Its Iveko trakkers form part of a heavy vehicle range with the intention of transporting the relevant material to off-road or construction sites. The numerous amount of excavators it possesses are used for digging, handling material, demolition as well as landscaping. The Sandvik Mobile Crusher allows for heavy mining and breaking of quarried materials, together with recycling functions, while the Sandvik mobile double screener is meant to increase output, control and perform screening processes efficiently, by separating solids according to size. Our trenchers have commodified acts of bulldozing, cutting of rocks and any acts of digging, which it does it in less time with a higher quality and even better precision. All of the equipment bought contains the latest and most advanced technology in order to offer the safest solutions on the market and to avoid any accidental damages or excessive noise levels.

Safety First

Our staff is specifically trained to handle heavy equipment through continuous courses which are regularly performed. Furthermore, given the nature of the work, workers are also given the necessary training regarding what should be done and how to act in emergency situations.

Faceworks also offers quarrying services  such as protecting trees against abrasion and damage, which contributes to the company’s mission of performing in the most efficient and eco-friendly way without damaging neighbouring properties.