Property Development & Management

Property development & Management

Ever since starting up on the 3rd of September 2004, Fulani Properties has immersed itself in the property development and management business, to establish itself as a competitive entity within the sector.

Fulani mainly caters for the internal maintenance of the group of company offices, including any trade licensing permits required, which, given its portfolio, is quite time-consuming on its own; however, our service also extends to third party members through the acquisition of land and development of it into property for tenants. Fulani has already contributed some great work to the property market by developing two large blocks of apartments in the heart of Attard, a promising up-and-coming area, as well as the Villa Rosa Mundi Project in the tranquil town of Wardija.

The company’s ultimate aim is to create affordable yet comfortable homes in Malta’s most sought-after areas in a timely manner. Since our sister company Faceworks owns a quarry, space is provided to dump the inert waste that is a result of previous construction work; waste which is eventually recycled by our sister company. This allows Fulani to set high environmentally-friendly standards and maintain them with ease.

An experienced team is the backbone of the company, giving a client- centric service while maintaining a professional stance in every task performed. Employees are given the necessary training to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with new procedures and are given further opportunity to grow and develop professionally.  Measures are also taken to ensure that the safest environment is provided and upheld throughout the duration of all projects.

Our success within the industry allows for the continual growth of the company and further development within targeted areas. Fulani’s future is looking bright with various new and exciting projects in the pipeline, including an aim to eventually provide turnkey contracting services.