In 2006, Fra Brettel purchased 29.7 tumuli of land in the limits of Rabat and planted two vine varieties within its earth- white and red grapes of different qualities and textures. That marked the introduction of Viticulture into the Famalco Group. The ultimate aim is to create quality over quantity, by manufacturing a few high-quality vines.

The Vineyard produces enough grapes to create around 20,000 bottles per year in two protected denomination of origin (DOK) ranges. The types of vines planted can produce a classical range of wines: white, red and rose, as well as a second range involving a restricted quantity of special wines in a limited edition wine dessert variation. Wines created from our vineyard are made from high-quality grapes, which are dried for a longer period of time in order to obtain a higher concentration of sugar and better grape aroma.

Maintaining the Highest Quality in Our Products

The management of the vineyard is specifically carried out in a way that respects the biodiversity of the area. Good agricultural practices are enforced and phytosanitary product intervention is only used to control diseases, in cases where the successful development of the vineyard is at risk of being spoilt. Waste water is filtered and used as irrigation and grape skins and stalks are used as compost, hence reducing carbon emissions.

Thinking Forward

Wine lovers around the world appreciate the vineyard experience, and this is what Fre Brettel aims to offer tourists in the future through an agritourism project which they plan to launch in the course of a few years. The vineyard will be open to a limited group of tourists, who will be able to witness and take part in the wine-making process, from start to finish.

Apart from the vineyard it already possesses, Fra Brettel would like to further open a boutique winery, which will enable it to produce its own wine and offer it directly to clients. The idea is to create a place where Maltese culture can be celebrated to its full extent, in an environment that: welcomes Maltese musical talent, relevant informative talks, and local art exhibitions while enjoying a genuine and authentic product.