A Great Year for Famalco and for all those working with us

Exciting, Ambitious, Energetic, Growth and Dynamic – these are just a few words that would describe the impressive year Famalco Group and its diversified business had throughout 2018.

The Mallia siblings, namely Hermann, Sandro and Etienne quickly established themselves as a household name within the importation and fruit trading business, setting up Fruitland Company Ltd. in 1994, marking the foundation of Famalco Group. Building on their early success, the Mallia brothers boldly seized opportunities throughout the years that followed, by investing in a number of diverse industries namely logistics, investment partnerships, property development, real estate services, retail and hospitality, marketing and communication, mobility, business solutions, earthworx, energy and engineering.

Throughout these last 24 years Famalco has accomplished great achievements, however, 2018 will be remembered as the culmination of attaining key milestones by the group.

Fapi Motors celebrated its 20th Anniversary, Faceworks and Fritz Energy & Engineering celebrated 10 years each of service, Domino’s Pizza opened its second store in Qawra, Fritz Energy & Engineering Ltd. delivered the first renovated petrol station under the Enemed franchise brand, the introduction of the Korean car manufacturer SsangYong and last but not least, being entrusted as ambassadors for SsangYong in Ireland.

Managing diverse and unique portfolios is the key strategy for Famalco’s success. Famalco Group’s main philosophy is to invest strongly in its people by strengthening and improving the skills and knowledge of the entire workforce in order to reach the yearly objectives set by the organisation. Most of the teams have been given the opportunity to attend international conferences and workshops such as the EICMA convention, the UNITY Expo and the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Master Franchise Summit. Director and Co-Founder Hermann Mallia stated, “Investing in our staff is the smartest business decision the group has made. Happy staff, even happier customers”.

The group also prides itself in nurturing strong relations with the represented franchises, by bringing in professionals from around the world, it is ensured that international standards are implemented locally in order to give the customer a great product experience.

Famalco Group is a strong advocate of an effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program that integrates the community’s well-being within the group’s service and product offering.

The group has set up an internal events committee who has successfully hosted a number of events with the aim of breaking away from the daily hustle & bustle as well as bringing all families together. This year will be vividly remembered for the ‘Big Toy Day’ where trucks from Fahrenheit and Faceworks were driven by attendees, ‘Rok on the Rock’ which saw KTM stunt rider Rok Bagoroš performing and the ‘Summer Sunset’ event where guests had the chance to mingle and enjoy a show from local entertainers ‘Min Imissu?’.

In 2018, the Group has also set ‘Familja Fund’ which consists of a bank where directors and staff donate funds and leave days for the colleagues in need. So far over 120 members have enrolled in this initiative.

The CSR Program has been extended externally as well. To commemorate Domino’s Pizza’s first year anniversary, the Group donated six laptops to the Ursuline Sisters. In an effort to support the local young talent, the Group has also proudly sponsored the Fgura United Football Club and Saint Mary’s Band Club Pool Team.

Famalco Group is always at a constant strive to continually emulate their years of success. The group is actively working on a number of exciting projects and investments for the upcoming years, both in Malta and beyond its shores.

If you feel you have the core values that fit Famalco’s DNA, that is “honesty, humbleness and hunger to grow” feel free to give us a call as we welcome anyone who has either an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial spirit to join us. Call our Business Development Unit on (+356) 2339 2339 or visit www.Famalco.Net from where you can address us an email with your thoughts and feedback.  Famalco | Building Business.