About Us

Famalco is a dynamic and diverse group of companies with established businesses specializing in 11 different sectors.

Famalco was founded by the three Mallia brothers. Their mission was to provide exceptional service and products whilst building lasting relationships and loyalty with their customers.

It all began in 1994, following their ancestors’ steps. The current Board of Directors of Famalco is the first generation taking up the long-established successful business which started from the importation of fruit.

Today, Famalco caters for fresh produce, mobility, business solutions, earthworx, logistics, investment partners, marketing & communications, retail & hospitality, property development & management, energy & engineering, and real estate services.

Famalco enjoys an extensive portfolio of world-renowned and leading brands, which is considered one of its greatest strengths. By following a strong work ethic, Famalco built creative and committed centralized teams with continuously improved methods of delivering value whilst striving to be market leaders in our field of operations.