Quoting the famous author Mark Twain, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Building a meaningful career can be challenging, and not just the part where you have to find appropriate job vacancies. What would your career look like if you were to truly feel free? Here are some important practices to adopt early in your career to ensure you finish fulfilled. And if you’re already past ‘early’, adopt them now. It is never too late and though a difficult leap of faith might seem hard, you must trust that the choices you make for the longer term won’t jeopardize your career advancement.

Build a career- Famalco

If you’re in your 20s, it is unlikely to know what makes you professionally happy. You’re still acquiring knowledge of yourself. Pay attention to what makes you feel most alive. What are the stories you want to tell your closest friends that you don’t need to impress? When do you feel like you’ve made your best contribution? These are the indicators that should point you toward longer-term career choices, not choices you believe will make you look successful or impressive.

Secondly make career choices with a purpose. What is it that you can learn and how are the career progression opportunities perceived by the company you work for? Career progression doesn’t have to mean a new job title, a bigger desk and more responsibility. It’s important to look at it from the point of view of developing your skill set, amassing valuable experience and progressing as a professional in your field.

This is exactly the philosophy behind local business conglomerate Famalco Group, who is constantly on the lookout for people with talent, motivation and charisma to build a successful and fruitful career within the growing company and their diversified brands.

Since Famalco Group’s inception back in 1994, the company has grown tremendously, bravely branching out and forming an aggregate of business units involved in fresh produce trading, logistics, investment partnerships, property development, real estate services, retail and hospitality, marketing and communication, mobility, business solutions, earthworx, energy and engineering.

Such successful diversification has led the group to understand the positives in maintaining highly functional and motivated teams of individuals progressing towards their long term goals. Boasting employment positions ranging from local & overseas trailer drivers and various administrative positions to photographers, graphic designers, videographers and engineers, Famalco Group is in a unique position allowing employees to not only surround themselves with experts and professionals from a wide range of industries, but to learn and grow with the best.

Famalco Group’s interest in employee development and growth is an essential priority, maintained by frequently encouraging employees to attend a number of global and specialized training seminars and courses all over the world. The group understands that through such focused sessions employees return highly motivated, as well as equipped with new skills and ideas to push the group further ahead.

Although operating through many businesses, each spread across different locations on the Maltese islands, the group periodically arranges for employees to get together for company activities and meet ups across the year. Such events include the classic Christmas party, BBQ’s, boat days, summer parties, and many more fun celebrations, each giving employees of the company a chance to take a break from work and comfortably mix with their colleagues.

With exciting new plans and many future business arrangements in the works, Famalco Group is determined to continue seeking determined individuals steadfast in their desire to grow their career alongside company goals and achievements.

If you feel you have the core values that fit Famalco’s DNA, that is “honesty, humbleness and hunger to grow” feel free to give us a call as we welcome anyone who has either an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial spirit to join us.

Call our Business Development Unit on (+356) 2339 2339 or visit www.Famalco.Net from where you can view job openings and address us by email with your thoughts and feedback.  Famalco | Building Business.