The team of professionals at Fritz Energy & Engineering is currently nearing the completion of work on 4 major projects. Fritz has been commissioned for the complete refurbishments of forecourts at Mike Service Station in Qormi, Santa Marija Service Station in Mellieha, and Michael Attard Service Station in Blata l-Bajda, as well as a project replacing the old dispensers at the Pitstop Service Station in Attard.

Fritz Energy & Engineering

The first project undertaken at Mike Service Station, included complete refurbishment and the canopy rebranding to showcase Enemed corporate branding.   Primary safety works which were first carried out consisted of the decommissioning stage, this included disconnecting all pre-existing fuel and electrical supplies, as well as cleaning the current tanks.

Fritz Energy & Engineering

Once cleaned, these tanks were deemed ‘gas free’ certified and declared fit to be scrapped. Faceworks, a company that specializes in demolition and excavations, was granted permission to begin unearthing, in order to build a tank room for the new and requested double-skin WEFCO tanks to be installed. Once constructed, the tank rooms were laid with Fuel Resistant Self-Healing Geotextile membranes to ensure it contains any possible fuel spillage and does not release any to the surrounding environment.

The complete refurbishment of the forecourt and canopy for Santa Marija Service Station is also well underway.  As in the case of Mike Service Station, all primary safety works as well as excavation have already been carried out.   Concrete and e-mix sand has been poured to secure the base frame of the tank, as well as the surrounding areas of the tank pit.  The final stages of the project include the pipework which is currently being carried out, ensuring all fuel lines are laid out, and properly connecting the dispensers to the tank.

Works of similar nature at the Michael Attard Service Station have been carried out. The Fritz team was told that the station wished to retain the existing double-skin tank set-up, so excavation work had to be carried out in a precise nature to ensure no harm or damage was done. The team is currently undergoing the final stages of excavation, before installing the new equipment and undergoing the canopy work.

Fritz Energy & Engineering

The final project of works currently being done by Fritz is the replacement of 4 fuel dispensers at Pitstop Service Station. Hand in hand with the service station Fritz has already successfully removed and replaced 2 of the dispensers with the newer fully calibrated Gilbarco Veeder Root ‘Horizon’ models. With the intention of allowing the service station to remain open during the transition works, it was decided that once the complete installation of the 2 dispensers has been done, Fritz engineers may begin working on the remaining dispensers, as they are currently.

For more information about Fritz Energy & Engineering, contact us at (+356) 79472 9508 or via email address info@fritz.mt. Fritz is the Energy and Engineering Business Unit within Famalco | Building Businesses.