Coldwell Banker Malta have followed in the direction set by their American head offices, as local branches underwent the current company global real estate rebranded vision known as ‘Project North Star’. The rebranding projects aims to empower agents of the brand, generating an exciting new identity based on the company’s unique approach to real estate.

As part of the project, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC., have updated their historic logo to a newer and more iconic one, in an effort to be in line with the new company vision. The new logo was first previewed and unveiled onstage at one of the biggest events in the real estate industry, an event organised and operated by Coldwell Banker known as the Generation Blue Experience in Las Vegas. The Logo consists of the Coldwell Banker first letters, with a striking addition to of star in the top right corner, symbolizing the brands consistent and reliable presence in real estate.

Speaking about this striking change of logo, Coldwell Banker representatives have stated that, “The new CB North Star mark is a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to excellence. It is clean and simple, yet elegant. It is modern, but still pays homage to the brand’s storied 113-year history. The North Star also symbolizes the Coldwell Banker network. Even in a new real estate landscape, agents remain a constant, guiding consumers as they navigate the home buying and selling process.”

To go along with their new logo, Coldwell banker have implements a new philosophical and global mission, individually urging their agents to get behind and establish the company core values of ‘home, awesomeness, ingenuity and excellence’, in each of the communities the branches work in as well as within the industry, stating that the brand will look to “empower our people to leave their mark on the world of real estate.”

With a wave of positive feedback received from global customers and agents of the brand, Coldwell Banker will look to continue exploring new avenues, while investing in fundamental company principles in order to ensure the next generation of real estate agents are more than capable of representing their historic and world renowned brand.

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