Coldwell Banker meets up in Paris

Coldwell Banker, the international real estate service leader, gathered its representatives in Paris for the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Master Franchise Summit last week. The 3-day long event, lasted between the 24th and 26th of October, where it saw representatives from all over the world, including those from Malta, attending a series of workshops and seminars related to the real estate giant’s development in the industry.

Coldwell Banker are a franchise built on the positive work ethos of its employees. The company frequently conceives of new and exciting ways for their impressive workforce from all over the world to get together, share ideas and progress their business practices.

Apart from other activities, the summit included recruitment workshops, seminars which introduce new tools and technology the company plans on implementing, new sales training and techniques and various networking opportunities. The representatives also had the opportunity to participate in the company’s next big venture, known as ‘Coldwell Banker 2020 Vision’. They were also given the opportunity to view Coldwell Banker’s luxury offices.

Coldwell Banker prioritises these summits to show how they invest in their representatives by training them and giving them the best opportunities possible. The American franchise see’s these opportunities as a way to gather together the family of employees they represent, and promote a healthy working community, where ideas and new practices are discussed. This is exactly what sets this real estate giant apart from others in its industry. In fact, representatives from the Coldwell banker headquarters said that “Our offices have four walls but no ceiling, Join Coldwell Banker and Grow with Us”.

It was excitingly revealed that the next Master Franchise Summit will be held on May 2019 in Lisbon Portugal. Representatives of Coldwell Banker and Coldwell Banker Malta are now waiting for the much anticipated Gen Blue in Las Vegas, which is the biggest convention in real estate held by CB.

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