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As a part of an ongoing process, Famalco Group is busy with multiple training sessions over the summer.

A yearly aviation security course took place on the 8th of July and was delivered to both seasoned and new delivery/warehouse personnel. This training course sought to set a standard on operating procedures for employees through implementing security controls in the air cargo supply chain. It tackled three areas separately throughout its duration, examples of acts of unlawful interference, the company’s responsibilities and how it should follow procedures.

Another training session regarding Health and Safety took place on the 26th of July to highlight the legal requirements, roles and responsibilities throughout all of the middle and top management. The training session outlined what was expected from workers in order for them to be compliant to all laws. Special focus was given to the excavation and demolition sector due to the nature of their work; Faceworks and Fulani Properties were given priority, where the procedures they need to go through in order to maintain the highest level of safety possible for all of their workers were outlined and reviewed.

Participants who had taken part of the aviation training received their certificates after the completion of the session, while participants of fork lift training and food handling courses that occurred earlier on in the year have received theirs by the 9th of August.