Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. contributed to sponsoring The Beland Music Festival 2015, which was held in the last week of May. The Beland Music Festival started way back in 2006 in Market Square, Żejtun and has since ballooned to become an event visited by over 50,000 people.

“It was an honour to make this contribution to the Beland Music Festival, one of the greatest music festivals we have locally,” said company director Mr. Alessandro Mallia. “Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. is committed to Puttinu Cares amongst other local communities. We believe that this event will further showcase our people and our culture. We want to thank The Beland Music Festival organisers for their leadership and commitment to Puttinu Cares.”  Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. looks forward to sponsoring other Puttinu Cares related events.

The Beland Music Festival