Last week employees of local Maltese business Famalco Group, were treated to their annual summer event, affectionately nicknamed ‘Sunset & Me’. Families, friends and affiliates got the chance to enjoy a wonderful evening of live music, great entertainments and of course some well needed partying.

The event saw a fantastic mix of employees getting together from all industries under Famalco Group, including logistics, investment partnerships, property development, real estate services, retail and hospitality, marketing and communication, mobility, business solutions, earthworx, and energy and engineering.

Famalco Group Sunset 2019

Events like ‘Sunset & Me’ are always high on the Famalco ‘to-do list’. There is a strong belief within the company that the importance of finding a way to show appreciation towards their employees for their dedication to the cause, as well as their time and effort. Events like these are praised within the group as they help improve relations between individuals as well as help employees to further establish substantial friendships, even between the incredibly diverse companies Famalco Group manages.

Taking place at the beautiful venue of Xara Lodge, Famalco Group employees, associates and loved ones enjoyed their evening listening to live music from the Drop-Out DJ Brass’, followed by a live act performance by ‘Danusan’, and as the evening reached its final stages, guests were kept happily dancing with the live music of DJ Ryan Spiteri.

Famalco Group Sunset 2019

Speaking about the event, Group Director Hermann Mallia happily stated that “It was another fantastic event attended by fantastic people! We’re so proud of the work each team and company puts into realizing Famalco Group’s future” continuing to say that “Events like this really give us the chance to properly give something back to our employees.”

If you’re looking to build a career and feel you have the core values that fit Famalco’s DNA, that is “honesty, humbleness and hunger to grow” feel free to give us a call as we welcome anyone who has either an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial spirit to join us. Call our Business Development Unit on (+356) 2339 2339 or visit www.Famalco.Net from where you can address us an email with your thoughts and feedback.  Famalco | Building Business.