One year ago, with the encouragement and blessing of key members of the local business organisation Famalco Group, employees within the group implemented an attractive health and financial incentive scheme known as ‘FamiljaFund’. This incentive has helped allow members under the diverse companies represented by the group to benefit from invaluable and essential support during times of medical hardship.

familja fund

FamiljaFund is an autonomous NGO operating as an off-shoot of the group, founded to continually promote the principles of employee welfare and well-being. Although officially operating without the direct involvement of the company’s directors, FamiljaFund has seen initial altruistic donations from the higher ups of Famalco Group. To date the fund boasts a membership count of over 125 individuals, made up from all the unique and diverse companies handled by the group.

In its essence FamiljaFund is an incentive enabled to ensure that the Famalco Group workforce is provided with support, care and assistance should the need arise. The ambitious life-insurance package includes coverage of up to one hundred thousand Euro for each individual group employee and business associate signed up to the fund.

Committee member of FamiljaFund also operates to provide workers of the group with popular events, in which all donations and profits received flow directly into the fund, to be saved for a rainy day. Events handled by the initiative include the recent company-wide Fenkata in Ta’ Qali, which saw over 170 guests take the chance to kick-back and relax over a drink, while a fantastic feast of deliciously cooked rabbit was prepared for them.

At Famalco Group, employees are at the heart of everything. The company employs a mantra of life-long learning flexibility and cultural diversity through their workforce. With more focus on their employee’s well-being, the company strives to advance career satisfaction and develop worker passion.

Famalco Group is an evolving family organisation with a constant drive for new business ventures and growth opportunities. If you believe that you have the right qualities to contribute to Famalco Group and want to further your career-growth, please apply on www.FamalcoCareers.com or call on (+356) 2339 2339. Famalco | Building Businesses.