Committee members of Famalco Group’s FamiljaFund continued on their ongoing campaign to strengthen work relationships amongst employees in the company, as well as generate additional funds for the important incentive that they were set up for.

Familja Fund Campaign Ta Qali

The FamiljaFund initiative was initially created by Famalco Group early in 2018. Its main objective is to safeguard employees and associates of the Group who find themselves in financial difficulties arising from an illness or accident. Although primarily operating on monthly and yearly donations from its 120 member pool as well as generous employees of the group itself, committee members of FamiljaFund have taken the next step and began setting up their own popular events, in which all donations and profits received flow directly into the fund, to be saved for a rainy day.

With the recent 1st of May, Workers Day public holiday marked on the calendar of many employees, Famalco Group’s FamiljaFund took the opportunity to organise a well needed company Fenkata at the Tal-Karri Fields in Ta’ Qali. This event saw over 170 guests take the chance to kick-back and relax over a drink, while a fantastic feast of deliciously cooked rabbit was prepared for them. Following a beautiful lunch served with starters, main courses, desserts and coffees, employees and guests pleasantly enjoyed participating in some company games whilst prizes were given to lottery winners.

Familja Fund Campaign Ta Qali

Director and Co-founder of the Group Hermann Mallia happily commented, Another fantastic event set up by our very own Familja Fund! It’s always great to meet employees with their family and friends outside of the office. We’re very thankful for the hard work they put in everyday, so finding an opportunity to show our gratitude is always high our list, especially when it’s for a good cause!”

All of Famalco’s events are proudly held as a ‘Thank You’ to all employees who work tirelessly for the ever-growing company, believing wholeheartedly in the brands they represent, as well as in the diverse spread the company has on the Maltese business industry. Naturally, these events go down well with employees, as they feel welcomed in a company which treats them like family, making them more motivated to continue striving forward into success.

Famalco Group is an evolving family organization with a constant drive for new business ventures and growth opportunities. If you believe that you have the right qualities to contribute to Famalco Group and want to further your career-growth, please apply on or call on (+356) 2339 2339. Famalco | Building Businesses.