Fapi Motors visited by top Harley-Davidson Consultant

Mr Paul Stephenson at the Fapi Motors Showroom

Mr Paul Stephenson at the Fapi Motors Showroom

Fapi Motors had the pleasure of welcoming one of Harley-Davidson’s top consultants Mr Paul Stephenson at their showroom in Attard.

Mr Stephenson, has been working for the motor company for an impressive number of years, showing his expertise on all things Harley. He has worked as a general manager for Harley-Davidson Durban and Lebanon for a total of 18 years. He has also been a consultant for the company for a total of 10 years, offering his services to franchise stores world wide; such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North and South Africa and Asia. Furthermore, Mr Stephenson has managed to set up six Harley-Davidson dealers in Lebanon, which is an impressive accomplishment. He now plans to go to China to continue to help with the growth of the Asian market.

During his visit, Mr Stephenson surveyed the Harley-Davidson section in the Fapi Motors showroom and discussed new sales and marketing possibilities with the management and staff. Afterwards, he headed down to the Fapi Motors workshop and meet up with factory-trained mechanic Jonathan Pandolfino. He also had the chance to meet up with Famalco Group’s Co-Founder and Director Hermann Mallia, to discuss the continued growth of the Harley-Davidson brand in Malta. Mr Mallia stated that he was humbled to have been visited by Mr. Stephenson, as he is a man of great knowledge and experience, “I am very happy I got the chance to meet with Mr Stephenson. He knows what he is talking about and has the brand’s best interest in mind”.

When interviewed about the brand’s presence in Malta, Mr. Stephenson remarked that Fapi Motors, the importers of the brand, are doing a wonderful job at presenting what Harley-Davidson has to offer. He remarked that their showroom is not only well kept, but offers a very warm feel despite it being decorated similarly to most Harley shops. He also commented that the store offers a wide selection of merchandise which is neatly and professionally displayed. Mr Stephenson went on to praise the staff and management as well, saying that they are very competent at their work and they aim at going an extra mile for their customers as fruit of the love for the brand they represent.

When asked about the future of Harley-Davidson in Malta, Mr Stephenson said that he believes that the brand will continue striving and moving forward. He continued that Harley is a fantastic brand to be ridden in Malta due to its many touring motorcycles – which can be perfectly enjoyed while riding with beautiful Maltese landscapes and seascapes in view. As a final remark, Mr Stephenson concluded that everyone should experience the Harley-Davidson brand, “Ultimately, it’s a very well known and affordable brand, backed up by a fantastic community as well. I advise people to come and have a look at the showroom, gear up and get on two wheels instead of four. I mean, why ride a car when you can ride a Harley?”

For more information about Fapi Motors contact us on (+356) 7900 1019, on info@FapiMotors.com, or visit our showroom at Focus Building, Mdina Road, Attard ATD 9037. Fapi Motors is a Mobility Business Unit within Famalco | Building Businesses.