Harley-Davidson is a company which is now easily one of the most recognizable in the world. It has been in operation for over 100 years and is a staple of the motorcycle industry. Nowadays whenever the Harley-Davidson brand is seen or mentioned, images of hard riders, leather jackets and iconic bikes instantly flash past one’s mind, cementing the American biker culture cultivated by the motorcycle company.

The humble origin story of Harley-Davidson has become something of an American Legend. Dating back to 1901, co-founder William S. Harley, completed his first ever blueprint drawing of an engine designed to fit into a bicycle at only 21 years of age. Only 2 years later and through a collaboration with Arthur Davidson, the first production of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle was made available to the public, dawning the start of their legacy.

Harley-Davidson Malta

In the mid 1910’s the very first Harley-Davidson factory was constructed, employing 6 full-time employees to begin production on early prototype versions of the iconic motorbikes and machines we know and love today. A rise in popularity at the time meant everyone was keen to get their hands on one of their bikes, including of course the American police force, who converted their highway patrol fleet to Harley-Davidsons and setting up an enduring relationship which would last through the years. It was also around this time that the company made a number of technological leaps forward, releasing the first of their classic V-Twin engines in 1909 as well as designing one of the first versions of the timeless ‘Bar and Shield’ logo still used to this day.

As a proud and enthusiastic American company, Harley-Davidson were quick to answer the calls of the country when needed most. During both World Wars, Harley-Davidson increased their production and aimed to provide the U.S. Military with a substantial number of motorcycles. This relentless effort resulted in the once unknown Milwaukee Company receiving the first of their 4 prestigious Army-Navy ‘E’, solidifying a now outstanding relationship with the American people.

In the years that followed Harley-Davidson concentrated on growing the range and improving the make of their motorcycles, thus becoming the largest manufacturers of bikes in the world. It was around this time, 46 years after the company’s founding that the famous biker culture of leather jacket Harley riders began to emerge, as the company’s bikes were frequently used in Hollywood block buster movies, often being the main ride of both rebellious villains and iconic heroes.

Nowadays Harley-Davidson is the most recognizable brand with two wheels on the road, boasting a dedicated community known as the Harley-Davidson Owners Group (H.O.G.) and countless die-hard fans world-wide. With riders originating from the rocky mountains of North America to the traditional temples in Southern Japan, Harley-Davidson has been able to connect all corners of the world with the feeling of love and freedom for the open-road that only Harley-Davidson bikes can guarantee.

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