iGO, the ride-hailing company under local diversified business Famalco Group, are extending their reach and service to provide holiday travelers as well as individuals returning to Malta from a trip abroad, with a professional service ready to take them comfortably to and from their desired destinations.

TAxi to airport

iGO as a company, understands that maintaining an ease of mind during a travelling period is essential for their customers. Their professional and elite service guarantees that these customers arrive wherever they need to be on time, without the worry of parking and other travelling fees. The ride-hailing initiative employs a number of locals on the island with great knowledge of the Maltese roads and traffic habits, this perk is also supplemented by a compulsory course that the drivers are required to undertake in order to certify that they have been trained to the highest standards, and are well versed and perfectly suited to handle all customer needs.

With a firm understanding that customers arranging their travelling plans often wish to pre-book the service well in advance, iGO have implemented features on its downloadable application (Available for both Android and Apple devices) to specifically allow users to book a future pick up date, time and location, ensuring that a driver will be waiting for them on arrival. The application itself has been developed in a manner which easily allows users to pin point and select their desired location of pick up and drop off in a clear and effortless way, ensuring that the procedure is a straightforward and uncomplicated one.

Last and but certainly not least, the iGO service is always ready to deliver on a superior level of private travel. Comfort and relaxation for customers is an important consideration taken seriously by iGO, as each vehicle under the outfit is newly purchased with a number of enhancements, such as the availability of WiFi. With iGO there is no need for any stress or worries getting to and from the Maltese airport, the company ensures that all drivers are more than up to the task of continuing to exceed customer expectations.

For more information about iGO or any other unit of Famalco Group, please visit the official iGO Facebook page or website https://www.igo.mt/. Call us on (+356) 2339 2339 or visit www.Famalco.Net. Famalco | Building Business.