‘iGO’ Cab Hailing

iGO’ is the next business venture that Famalco Group will be launching on the local market.  Its objective is to offer the Maltese public an additional commuting solution.

Famalco Group have been developing and introducing brands – both local and international – since 1994 and throughout these years the group has collected an impressive portfolio of business units involved in diverse sectors of the economy.

iGO Cab Hailing

Subsequent to a number of case studies and market research, the group has developed the interest in developing the cab hailing unit that they are naming iGO.  Designed with the objective to provide an affordable method of transportation, the chosen technology has gone through continuous upgrades that are targeted to support an excellent level of service.

iGO Cab Hailing

Similar to other cab hailing services, a free downloadable smart App will act as the portal for clients to plan their ride by selecting their destination, car model, number of passengers and method of payment – all this in a simple, quick and real-time operation through one’s smartphone or tablet.  Having successfully finalised its trials and testing, and having received very positive feedback from users, this venture is now gearing up to be officially available on the market in the first quarter of 2019.

When asked for further information about this new venture, co-founder and director of Famalco Group, Hermann Mallia reiterated “We have been working hard on the iGO venture for a number of months.  Fortunately our experience in brand development gives us a solid foundation in anticipating problems and in planning the way forward”.

For further inquiries about iGO or any other unit of the Famalco Group please call on (+356) 2339 2339 or visit visit igo.mt  or www.Famalco.Net.  Famalco | Building Businesses.