The New 2020 bikes coming out of KTM; the Austrian motorcycle manufacturers, were trusted as some of the most chosen, and sought after vehicles by many of the contestants looking to compete in this year’s thrilling cross European 2019 Gibraltar Rally. Participant’s on-top of the KTM bikes depended on them to journey across Europe through every condition, and terrain imaginable whilst competing for the top rankings.

KTM Bikes at the 2019 Gibraltar Rally

This year’s Baltic-Atlantic Gibraltar rally event was held over 16 days, as participants saw themselves compete over a 7,000 kilometre route divided into 14 stages. As the event began in Gdansk, Poland riders saw themselves through a number of countries, namely Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and France ending their rally at the Cape Finisterre Lighthouse in Spain.

Serving as an intense test of endurance for both man and machine, the rally saw participants encounter a wide mix of terrain, from asphalt and dirt roads with difficult and rocky mule tracks to river crossings with mud and grass sections. Not designed for the faint hearted the rally required riders to give it their all while showcasing their offroad skills. Serving also as a unique way to experience new countries, during their journeys riders were given the choice of resting in their own tents or hotels along the way.

KTM Bikes at the 2019 Gibraltar Rally

KTM saw riders atop their KTM 950 Super Enduro, KTM 790 Adventure R, KTM 690 Enduro, KTM 640 Adventure and KTM 660 Rally, with many riders placing amongst the top contestants. While pushing his KTM EXC 500 Rally to the limit, rider Mark Kinnard successfully won the class 3, bagging a very impressive second place overall.

As always riders using KTM vehicles understand the extensive domination the Austrian manufacturers have had in similar rallies and contests all over the world. KTM bikes are always attracting the very best individuals from all corners of the world, giving them the best chance to compete at the highest level with the best equipment.

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