Following Austria’s motorcycle manufacturers, KTM’s monumental debut of their electric E-XC motorcycle, Swedish motorcycle designers Husqvarna, have officially followed suit and proudly released their own electric model into the market, nicknamed the EE 5.

electric husqvarna EE5

For both brands, the continuous strive to be at the top in pioneering motorcycle technologies have kept the manufacturers high above their competition, where it seems only natural that both companies sought to make early headway and invest heavily into the electrical side of motorcycling. As many of their customers around the world are becoming increasingly environmentally aware, both KTM and Husqvarna wished to be some of the first manufacturers to offer the public a positive, viable and environmentally friendly option from their traditional motorcycles.

“Both brands believe in their responsibility to minimise their carbon footprint”

In the undertaking of this electrical transformation, both manufactures took their necessary time to understand all elements of the technology, in an effort to implement it in a way which it does not hinder any of the natural feeling and sense, riders are used to when using KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles. Boasting all the capabilities of the traditional ride, the electrical motorcycles shall serve the companies as the foundation layer of their electrical range of bikes, which are sure to come.

KTM electric E-XC motorcycle

As both companies strongly believe in the responsibility they share towards minimizing their carbon footprint, as well as the immense responsibility to their riders by supplying them with the best equipment and technology possible, these electric bikes are sure to serve as the beginning of an interesting and worthwhile investment into a new and exciting type of motorcycling.

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