If there’s one universal language that unites people, especially within an office environment, it’s definitely food! As more modern companies are engaging with contemporary and newer work practices, the encouragement for employees to spend their breaks together eating and communicating over a shared meal has become a very important tool for businesses.

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It’s very well-known that the process of a sharing a meal, especially amongst colleagues and team members, can provide employees with a lot of positive qualities, allowing them to overcome all sorts of office boundaries which may separate them. In the process of breaking bread together, employees often feel a surge of revitalized productivity, wellbeing, communication and happiness. The freedom of employees bonding, discussing and eating in a relaxed environment over a great meal helps build relationships within teams and divisions of the company, this allows employees to bond and build mutual respect amongst each other as communication through colleagues flows much easier.

Developing this feeling of camaraderie amongst colleagues is an exercise no business manager should take lightly. Whilst it may be easier to plan short term and solely focus on one’s daily tasks, the benefit of obtaining a truly effective team, willing to go the extra mile, loyal and supportive of each other’s goals could spell a huge difference in the long term championing of the business.

Choosing the right meal to share with colleagues can be just important as the benefits the lunch will provide. While there are many dishes and meals to look through and choose from, not many can compete with a freshly made and perfectly served delicious and delivered pizza.

Apart from being one of the most loved Italian foods in the world, pizza offers a number of incredibly helpful benefits for the workforce. Generally depending on your choice of topping, a pizza can be packed with nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and often a lot of vegetables, all of which are indiscernible components to a balanced diet. The variety of options when ordering a pizza allows any employee the freedom to choose specifically which ingredients to add to their dish, complementing their food preferences and diet.

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