Faceworks Ltd.

Faceworks Ltd. has always invested in equipment that prioritises productivity, safety and ease of service, and the Case excavator 1121F is no exception. With its long wheel base that offers optimum stability, together with an extra large 5.715m bucket that allows for efficient truck loading and aggregate operations, productivity is maximised. Its four power modes increase efficiency by giving operators the ability to match power according to the job at hand. Its standard engine shutdown feature adds a 30% increase in fuel saving and allows the owner to control engine idle-time.

Safety is ensured thanks to a rear view, wide-angled camera which sends live, full-colour video to the driver. Its environmentally-safe fluid drains and ground-level check points make maintenance even easier. Over all, this piece of equipment is a valuable addition to an already existing large fleet of equipment that keep Faceworks at the top of the excavation and demolition business.

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