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Are you a person who prefers tangible investments over stocks and shares? Would you like to tie up your money in a fixed investment? Does the fact that property values go up unpredictably sound appealing to you? Lastly, are you ready to dedicate time and money in the maintenance of a property that you do not reside in but will get you a considerable profit? If the answer to all of the above is yes, then you should consider buying-to-rent.

Rental income is on a steady increase and an investment opportunity of the kind might be a great way of generating income when considering that the right property and mortgage could generate a yield of around 5-10%. When finding the right property for your investment, keep in mind that you will not be residing in the property, so your liking is not always the number one priority; instead you should be thinking about your ideal tenant. For example, if you’re targeting students, a location close to the University and a number of amenities would be ideal. Generally speaking, location has quite a high influence; if the average rent in the area is not enough to produce a yield, then it is not a good investment.

However, choosing the right property is key. CENTURY 21 has the necessary experience to guide you on your investment opportunity. They will make sure you find a property in an ideal location that will get you an income of at least 125% of your mortgage. With a vast database containing a range of properties suitable for all budgets, CENTURY 21 is bound to have the perfect property for you.

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