The notion of franchising has become an increasingly attractive proposition for many entrepreneurs who have an acumen for business. Franchising is a marketing concept based on the adoption of an established franchisor’s procedures, intellectual property, business model, brand and rights to advertise their services.

It is to no surprise that the concept of franchising has become such a popular form of business design within the Maltese islands, especially within the ever growing real estate industry. Admittedly, Malta has become an increasingly important hub in the middle of the Mediterranean, rapidly becoming an economic powerhouse, attracting a host of world-renowned brands ready to invest in the Maltese Islands.

The Benefits of Franchising in Real Estate

Coldwell Banker Global Real Estate Leaders

A benefit of purchasing a real estate franchise is the opportunity that one gets through the use of an already established brand, providing a number of initial advantages over competitors who would need to start from scratch. Through the integration of a well-established real estate franchise, the prospective entrepreneur would inherit an already successful business model, as well as a wide support network of good-value property listings, which nowadays has become critical in the success or failure in real estate services.

With an inherent desire to develop a brand based on honesty, integrity and professionalism, Coldwell Banker LLC. has proved to be a stable and successful real estate franchise known world-wide; boasting over 3,800 offices and 126,000 consultants. Coldwell Banker offers local entrepreneurs all the benefits of franchising along with unique advantages that hard to replicate by any other real estate brand in the market. The 112 year old American real estate service provider guarantees an incredible international presence, innovative business practices and leading technologies.

The Benefits of Franchising in Real Estate

Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker Malta has ingrained itself in the philosophies of the global brand. In true innovative fashion, the Malta branches operate with the latest real estate CRM technology Propertybase; a global real estate platform suitable for real estate brokerages with a fully integrated facility for property listings, photos and other information that can be integrated with various multiple listing services. Coldwell Banker’s branches in Malta are continuously supported by a strong and comprehensive marketing campaign running throughout the year. Properties are listed weekly on local printed media in leading newspapers and magazines, and daily, on all digital media channels. The Coldwell Banker brand also values and understands the importance of strong communication and accessibility between all its franchisees, inviting its local agents to participate in several training programmes, international conferences and the annually acclaimed Gen Blue experience.

The expertise garnered by Coldwell Banker are a proven winning formula, offering investors a chance to take the next step in their career and firmly establish themselves within the real estate market hierarchy; through their own independent Coldwell Banker agency.

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