Upgrading Fuel Stations with Fritz

Unregulated Petrol Stations can be hazardous as the presence of fuels can cause vapours in the air, fire hazard or even worse, explosions. It is for this reason that all petrol service stations need to comply with certain standards set but the EU, which include the design and layout of the overall station as well as the equipment installed in it. Malta, is no exception. Fritz Energy and Engineering Ltd. have been tasked with the responsibility of upgrading various service stations around the Maltese island, making sure that they are both safe for public use and comply with EU laws and regulations.Upgrading Fuel Stations with Fritz

Some of the standard stations must adhere to include, but are not limited to are underground fuel storage tanks monitored for leakage, fuel resistant pipe work set up in an underground network, dispensers with highly accurate fuel meters and vapour recovery system to reduce fuel emissions and smell, specialised gutters, fuel resistant membranes and overfill prevention devices.

Apart from being able to implement this extensive list of services, Fritz also offer MIDAS™ Fuel Identification Valve installation, which, even though are not delegatory, still prove to be valuable technology that any service station worth its salt should possess. These valves recognise fuel type and do not allow incorrect fuel to be delivered to underground storage tanks. This in turn prevents serious damage which may be potentially done to customer’s vehicles as a result of vehicle misfuelling.

When asked about the projects, Co-Founder and Mr Director Hermann Mallia of Famalco Group, parent company of Fritz Energy and Engineering Ltd., commented “We are honoured to be entrusted with such an important project. We believe that the safety of our clients as well as our employees are at the utmost importance and we will work tirelessly on these projects to ensure efficiency and success”.

Since, Fritz Energy and Engineering Ltd. has fully upgraded the F. Busuttil Service Station in Ħal Għaxaq to include all of the services previously mentioned, including state-of-the-art Gilbarco Veeder-Root fuel dispensers. The company will continue its efforts of renovation across various other service stations across the Maltese islands as various projects are still at a work in progress and will be finished in the near future.

For more information about Fritz Energy & Engineering, contact us on (+356) 7947 9508 or via email address info@fritz.mt. Fritz is the Energy and Engineering Business Unit within Famalco | Building Businesses.