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Experience has taught us that when selecting a real estate agent, most customers want the most informed, committed and responsive real estate practitioners in the business. They also want the agents to be bold in their approach and to use their expertise in the sector to find them the right property without wasting too much of their precious time. At CENTURY 21 Malta, we are grooming our agents to embody these traits and develop into seasoned professionals, becoming SMARTER.BOLDER.FASTER.® in the process.

Being SMARTER is much more profound than simply dressing up in sharp suits. It is about thinking intelligently, getting organised in a highly disorganised market, keeping optimistic and being cautiously perseverant in very tough market conditions. Similarly, being BOLDER is more profound than being smug. Bold leaders have strong self-awareness. They know when they should take bold action and when they are out of their element. They are usually confident, courageous, and self-directed persons who stand out from the rest. Being justifiably bold can lead to success.  For instance, most clients often start off searching for the wrong type of property. They do it out of pique or because they fail to recognise that a direct correlation exists between wanting certain type of commodities and actually paying for them. Customers need to go through a learning process before settling on the right property. Agents need to be bold enough to educate and lead their customers through this stage without imposing. Getting the balance right is a recipe for success, as long as it is done ahead of the competition. In this respect, being FASTER refers to efficiency and prompt action. So, in essence, it is all about putting oneself in the buyers’ shoes, understanding well their needs and servicing such needs in an effective and timely manner.

At CENTURY 21 Malta we pride ourselves at having at our disposal all the necessary tools and resources to enable our agents to grow and become experts in the real estate field. If you think you have what it takes to join an expanding team of real estate professionals, then send us your CV on info@century21.com.mt. All applications will be acknowledged and treated in strict confidence.