Fahrenheit Truck

FFF 20th Anniversary

20 years ago, Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. was launched with a specific purpose in mind, namely to provide the firms within Famalco Group with transport solutions that were flexible and efficient enough to facilitate successful business operations. Today, Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. has become a leading transport and logistics player in various European countries and beyond, offering an extensive range of air, road and sea transport services.

With an extensive network of full-trailer load, road freight groupage, ocean freight, customs clearance, warehousing, parcel delivery, airfreight operations as well as temperature controlled cargo and car-carrier services, Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. is in a position to offer a multitude of solutions to all sorts of different demands.

Throughout the last 20 years of growth, high specialization has been developed for temperature controlled logistics with the company always adopting the latest technologies to safely carry delicate cargo at any temperature required, from -25°C to +25°C. These options are available for full-trailer load transport as well as for groupage services. Other services offered by Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. include transportation of personal effects and projects transportation.

The company is constantly investing in new technology when it comes to expanding it’s fleet of trucks and trailers. Sandro Mallia, company director says that, “we’re open to all ideas,” and we are continually expanding Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. to offer more flexibility and customized services to cater for the requirements of clients from all over the continent.

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