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The small tomato-cherry hybrid known more commonly as physalis, contains more within its tiny exterior than a combination of a tomato and cherry put together. It is primarily a strong antioxidant, consisting twice the vitamin C than that which is typically found in a lemon, but its limits far exceed the role of naturally fighting off dreaded cold like ailments. This fruit has 53 kcal and 1g of fat for every 100g consumed, bringing you closer to summer not just through its sweet refreshing taste but also through its healthy nutrients.

The physalis fruit imported by Fruitland Co. Ltd. grows and thrives in hot weather, which only makes it the perfect fruit to have in a country with a climate such as ours. Since the physalis also has a longer shelf life than the average fruit, Fruitland makes sure to import it in the highest possible quality in order to guarantee their customer a longer period of use.  While its taste and consistency makes it ideal for making jams or incorporating it into baked goods, it is good to remember that heat tends to destroy most of the nutrients found in fruit and vegetable. Luckily for us, the physalis is equally delicious when eaten cooked or raw.

Fruitland Co. Ltd. is situated in Pitkali Road, Attard. You can find out more about the list of shops supplying physalis, by contacting (+356) 7933 2425 or email on

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