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Cadillac LogoFrom the electric coupe ELR to the V6 and V8-powered Cadillac ATS-V and CTS-V to the newest  generation of the Escalade, Cadillac is presenting its broadest model portfolio in years.  Cadillac is embarking upon a bold new journey and it is not often that a 112-year-old icon with such a legacy reinvents itself.  Over the last few months, after taking the helm, new president Johan de Nysschen has overseen the shifting of the corporate leadership function from Detroit to New York City, outlining a plan to dramatically expand the product portfolio and creating a consistent nomenclature for the whole car line-up.  The first and latest model to follow this path was the CT6 flagship which was unveiled during The Oscars.  The CT6 is a car that really sets the standard in many aspects with regards to advanced new lightweight body construction technology. It’s great to drive, very refined and sophisticated.

Cadillac is going global, and so the model names have to resonate with customers around the world.

It is now an entrenched phenomenon that luxury car buyers expect alphanumeric names to indicate the hierarchy of models. Cadillac will use CT2, CT3, CT4, etc for the sedans and coupes, and XT2, XT3, XT4 etc for the crossovers and SUVs, besides Escalade, which will continue unchanged.

The new Cadillac brand campaign ‘Dare Greatly’ is a statement of the brand values — it’s about attitude, mindset and philosophy. It explains what Cadillac is and what it stands for – a bold and confident American icon with a proud heritage, while continuing to innovate, push boundaries and not shy away from taking risks.

The Cadillac design language will be undergoing gradual evolution and people will notice stunning new designs in future models, which remain unmistakably Cadillac and reflect its DNA but taking it to a new level.  The design team is working on an array of projects including a convertible, right-hand drive models for future products, and also four-cylinder and six-cylinder diesels, all planned for the line-up in 2020, specifically for the European market.

In Johan De Nysschen’s words “At Cadillac we dare greatly. Because we believe that only those who dare, drive the world forward”, and Fapi Motors will be on the frontline.  Until the time comes we will dare greatly.


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