Corporate social responsibility by Domino’sCorporate social responsibility is a duty inherited by each company towards any entity which it may directly affect within its life cycle. Businesses maintain this social duty in order to grow their business appropriately and into a sustainable model striving for success.In the case of Domino’s, even though considered a giant in the food and pizza delivery industry, its corporate social responsibility is to thank its loyal customers and the community it serves and operates in.  Following Domino’s 1st year of success since opening its doors in Malta on September 4th 2017, the company did just that by extending a helping hand to a local Charity.

Corporate social responsibility Dominos

On the 4th of September 2018, a date which marked the first anniversary of Domino’s Malta, the pizza delivery experts took to Facebook to announce that they would be donating €1 to the Ursuline Sisters from every pizza sold on that day. The Congregation of the Ursuline Sisters of St. Angela Merici, founded by Mos. Isodoro dei Conti Formosa in 1987, is a charity who sees dedicated nuns selflessly taking care of poor and orphaned or abandoned children.  The nuns were delighted by the announcement with one even taking to Facebook to humbly thank the company for their gesture.When asked about the event, Co-Founder and Director of Famalco Group, Hermann Mallia stated that, Famalco Group believes that the best way to celebrate success is to show gratitude to the people who made it possible – the community. “It is our responsibility to give back, and offer help to one of the most deserving charities in Malta, The Ursuline Sisters.”The event took place during the week-long promotion which also saw Domino’s Malta offer their customers a 50% reduction on every pizza. Given the promotion’s very positive reception by Domino’s patrons; business increased, which lead to a sizable amount of funds available for donation.Famalco Group used these proceeds to donate six laptops to the Ursuline Sisters, as well as hold a Domino’s pizza party for the children under the nuns’ care. Famalco Group and Domino’s wish is that they were able to help the congregation and put a well-deserved smile on the children’s face with this gesture.

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