Big Toy Day at Famalco

Famalco Group employees set their inner child free last weekend as they were treated to the company’s long awaited ‘Big Toy’ Day. This event saw two of the parent company’s industries, Faceworks and Fahrenheit, teaming up and temporarily loaning their machinery to their employees and families for a day of fun test drives. This event was just one of the many company outings Famalco Group hosted this year, always striving to reward their hard-working employees in order to keep them motivated for success.

Big Toy Day Famalco

The Group’s mantra is “we empower you to grow”, and Famalco do not take this saying lightly, as they believe that their employees are their biggest investment. As with any worthwhile investment, one has to carefully manage it, in order to maintain positive results. By means of these company outings, Famalco Group invest in their employees in order to help them to relax and take a break from their daily grind at the office. By recharging their brain, which is their greatest tool in the workplace, employees are able to increase creativity and productivity at the office. These outings also serve to increase employee engagement in work, as they will be more excited on returning to work the next day with them feeling included and nurtured by the company. Famalco Group believes that the company outings are beneficial in order to strengthen work-place bonds, where directors and employees can interact together in a relaxing environment and share stimulating stress-free conversation away from the hustle and bustle of the office.

As part of ‘Big Toy’ Day, attendees got the thrilling opportunity to try out machines like Fahrenheit’s staple green reefer trucks as well as Faceworks’ trenchers, excavators, and many more. Employees had a blast trying out these muscle-machines in what can easily be described as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Apart from these test-runs, the attendees were given the chance to ride in various off-road vehicles on a custom built, off-road track, specifically designed for the event. Later on in the day, attendees were also entertained by a Bangers race in the custom built track as well as being given the chance to drive laps in the scrap cars themselves. After all the fun was had, the scrap cars were destroyed by the off-road vehicles and Faceworks excavators in a spectacle of total destruction.

Big Toy Day Famalco

Since ‘Big Toy’ Day was catered for the entire family, Famalco group made sure that children were provided with entertainment as well, with the presence of a bouncing castle. Trampolines were also available for adults, further encouraging employees to join in with the children’s shenanigans and throw their serious demeanor out the window for the day. Attendees were also provided with lively music and an abundance of food and drink, including popcorn and cotton candy!

Famalco Group Co-Founder and Director Hermann Mallia, joined in the fun, and pleasantly said that ‘Big Toy’ Day was an extreme success. He went on to say that the weather also greeted employees with a beautiful sunny day after a stormy week, further adding to the atmosphere and ensuring a fantastic and memorable experience. “It was great to see employees with their families and friends relaxing and having fun. We are always looking for ways to express our gratitude towards our hardworking employees”.

Big Toy Day Famalco

All of Famalco’s events are held as a ‘thank you’ to all employees who work tirelessly for the ever-growing company, believing wholeheartedly in the brands they represent, as well as in the diverse spread the company has on the Maltese business industry. Naturally, these events go down well with employees, as they feel welcomed in a company which treats them like family, making them more motivated to continue striving forward into success.

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