Diamond of California Walnuts Campaign

Posted: 17th April 2015.


Throughout the months of February and March, Fruitland Co. Ltd. embarked on an intensive educational campaign for its premium brand of walnuts; Diamond of California®. Full page colour adverts and a number of press releases were published on all of Malta’s main Sunday newspapers and also in the Group’s own lifestyle magazine – VIDA.

Consumption of walnuts in Malta occurs mainly during the two months preceding Christmas particularly when walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and dried figs are found in abundance locally.  Walnuts are also very popular with children predominantly during the traditional St. Martin’s feast which is celebrated on the 11th of November.

The Diamond of California® campaign’s main objective was to raise awareness on the health benefits of walnuts and entice consumers to incorporate them into their daily diet. Among nuts, walnuts are probably one of the best sources of nutrients as research shows they may boost health in a number of ways in relatively small “portions”.  Eating just seven shelled walnuts may be all it takes to take advantage of their beneficial properties ranging from improved metabolism, cardiac healthand improved sleep.  Besides highlighting the nutritional benefits, the Diamond of California® campaign shared ideas with Maltese consumers on how walnuts could be incorporated into one’s diet such as eating them with breakfast cereals or with salads.

Throughout the campaign a sizeable number of trade customers and end consumers called the company’s customer care line to learn more about Diamond of California® walnuts.  Besides the good market response, Fruitland Co. Ltd.’s branding efforts were also recognised by Diamond Foods Inc.


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