Famalco Young and Mature

Famalco Group is proudly on the verge of celebrating its 24th anniversary since being set up by the three Mallia brothers who back in 1994, through the portmanteau FA (first two letters from “family”), MAL (first three letters from “Mallia”) and CO (first two letters from “company”), set up this trading, services and investment “Famalco” organization.

The Mallia siblings, namely Sandro, Hermann and Etienne inherited their business acumen from their father and grandfather who ran a humble fruit store along the busy Ta’ Liesse Hill in Valletta, located on the Grand Harbour waterfront.

Thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, the directors brought back the third-generation fruit trading experience by setting up an importation and fruit trading business, namely Fruitland Company, which as at today has even grown beyond the Maltese shores.

Famalco 24th anniversary.

In 1995, the Group welcomed Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders to lead its Logistics Business Unit.  This new addition focused heavily its investment in temperature-controlled and dry van road haulage growing to what is today the synonymous aqua marine livery trucks and trailers that we frequently meet both on the Maltese and mainland Europe roads.

Starting with the importation, rentals and leasing of fort-lift trucks, the group ventured into what today is known as the “Mobility Business Unit” incorporating the SsangYong distributorship franchise for Malta and Ireland together with the local dealership and after-market of premium motorcycle brands like Harley-Davidson, KTM and Husqvarna.

Throughout the years that followed, Famalco Group boldly took opportunities to invest in diversified business interest.   As of 2018, the group has formed an aggregate of business units involved in fresh produce trading, logistics, investment partnerships, property development, real estate services, retail and hospitality, marketing and communication, mobility, business solutions, earthworx, energy and engineering.

“Our diversification is one of our strongest assets. Managing ventures in a number of sectors is by no means an easy task, but through the strong foundations we’ve laid over the years, and the great employees we’ve got backing us, our future is looking brighter than ever” stated Business Development Director and co-founder Hermann Mallia.

Managing these exciting unique prospects, whilst still finding time to invest resources in the wellbeing of their essential diversified workforce is the reason Famalco Group has been successfully growing over the years.    “We’ve still got the same young mentality we’ve always had, even amongst our seasoned veterans. We have the desire and hunger to keep growing and innovating. Through these last 24 years, we have only built the foundations” finished Business Development Director and co-founder Hermann Mallia.

If you feel you have the core values that fit Famalco’s DNA, that is “honesty, humbleness and hunger to grow” feel free to give us a call as we welcome anyone who has either an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial spirit to join us.   Call our Business Development Unit on (+356) 2339 2339 or visit www.Famalco.Net from where you can address us an email with your thoughts and feedback.  Famalco | Building Business.