Workforce welfare at Famalco

Vibrant, dynamic and energetic – these are just some of the words which may be used in order to describe the invaluable and essential personnel constituting Famalco Group. Ever since the founding years of Famalco Group, the directors have unceasingly recognized that its employees are the nucleus and fundamental building blocks contributing towards organizational success. As a result of the invaluable nature of the workforce, Famalco has adopted the mantra that, happy employees are equal to a delighted, productive, engaged and collaborative workforce as well as, corporate culture.

Famalco workforce welfare

To continually promote the principles of employee welfare and well-being, earlier this year Famalco Group implemented an attractive health and financial incentive scheme known as FamiljaFund.  FamiljaFund is an autonomous NGO operating as an off-shoot of the group without the involvement of the company’s directors. Following FamiljaFund’s inauguration the Group’s director’s initiated altruistic donations through providing the Fund with a generous financial donation. To date, the fund is comprised of a total of 120 members and counting. Essentially, FamiljaFund was aggregated to ensure that the workforce is provided with invaluable and essential support during times of medical hardship – a circumstance which, unfortunately, might arises because of life events.  Furthermore, FamiljaFund members shall benefit from various discounts by commercial third-party outlets who have granted advantages to this group of potential clients.

Consecutive to the inauguration of FamiljaFund, Famalco Group embarked on a subsequently ambitious benefits package for its workforce. As a result, the organization has established a far-reaching life benefits package for its employees. The life-insurance policy perk includes coverage of up to the value of one hundred thousand Euro for each individual group employee and business associate. When questioned on the integral importance of employee welfare, Business Development Director and co-founder Hermann Mallia stated that these initiatives are “an important step in the right direction. Our health, and the health of our loved ones is a priority, and something we take very seriously.  As the saying goes, “health is the real wealth!”

Life-long learning, flexibility and cultural diversity are essential attributes which constitute a productive and healthy workforce. At Famalco Group, employees are at the heart of everything and thus, Famalco Group shall strive to ensure that all employees are acquiring benefits and welfare packages which promote an enhanced quality of life and well-being.

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