Famalco Group in Sicily

At Famalco Group, our aim is not just to build a work force, but to create a community of people who not only feel comfortable working together, but also help each other reach new levels of professional success. Such an aim cannot be achieved only in the office, so the Group made it a point to organise monthly team building events that allows members to meet outside of a working environment.

This month, the team went to Sicily for a day, starting bright and early at 4.00 am. Their day started with a cup of coffee, where they later made their way to visit a company they are affiliated with, located in the area. This allowed Famalco to maintain relations with its foreign counterpart as well as gave employees the chance to get a new insight into the companies they are working with.

The group also visited Savoca and naturally made their way to Bar Vitelli, where some scenes from the popular film the God Father was filmed, and also visited the Santa Lucija chapel, which also had its part in the making of the movie. They had lunch in the picturesque Taormina, spent a few hours at a shopping complex and made their way back home.