Franchise in Real Estate with Century 21?International companies keen to establish themselves on our islands are increasingly opening up their doors to the possibility of franchising with local entrepreneurs. The franchising question has recently become a hot topic especially in highly competitive sectors like the real estate industry.

Franchising is the process of coming to a business agreement between an established brand and an interested party (the franchisee). Typically, this process allows the franchisee to benefit from the brand’s trademark or trade-name, procedures and processes while following successfully proven business guidelines. Franchise owners may also look forward to organisation assistance, training, merchandising, marketing and management.

Century 21 Real Estate are a world-renowned American company with approximately 7,200 offices in 78 countries worldwide including Malta. Through their highly focused mantra of being “SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER”, the Century 21 has managed this colossal world-wide expansion on the basis of their unique and beneficial franchising initiatives. The fundamentals attained by franchising with Century 21 are Success, Support, Marketing Assistance, Database Access and Risk and Avoidance.Franchise in Real Estate with Century 21?

Whether you are considering a start-up or conversion type franchise, the American real estate company are there to guide you through every step of the process. Boating personnel who are specialised in maintaining franchises the Century 21 system is happy to provide constant ongoing assistance, training and marketing insight, together with a powerful database and network of like-minded entrepreneurial individuals, all done with a lower personal risk.

General Manager of Century 21 Malta, Mario Psaila Savona, commented, “As former C21 CEO Rick Davidson often said, ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’, if one person falls so does the entire business. Franchising with C21 prevents this, as the brand is there to help you make calculated decisions for the brand, your business and colleagues.”

For more information about franchising opportunities, or general business with CENTURY 21, please call (+356) 2339 2121, send an e-mail on info@C21.com.mt or visit us on www.century21.mt. CENTURY 21 Malta is a Real Estate Services Business Unit within Famalco | Building Business.