Famalco Group has seen substantial growth over the years, branching out into different industries and building a diversified portfolio of successful brands. The increasingly successful family business owes its roots to Fruitland Company Ltd. which is set to celebrate its 25 year milestone this 9th of March.

The story of Fruitland originates in the late 80s, when the Mallia Brothers, Hermann, Sandro and Etienne, found themselves selling various groceries around the island. A few years later and inspired by a family legacy which saw their father and grandfather sell fruit down the busy Ta’ Liesse Hill in Valletta, the brothers took the initiative to start their own company in 1994, selling fruit and vegetables under the moniker ‘Fruitland Company Ltd’.

FRUITLAND malta 25 years

The brothers’ hard work and dedication towards this company translated into years of success, leading Fruitland to become one of Malta’s largest and well-respected fruit and vegetable importation business.

Throughout its years, the company has managed to acquire several prestigious brands, specialising in a wide range of products. Amongst others, the famous GIOIA® bananas, Valentina apples, Diamond of California® walnuts and Fatina® dried fruits and nuts, have made their way into Fruitland’s portfolio. Maintaining their effort to acquire the freshest products of highest quality, the fruit and vegetable importation business has also successfully set-up strong relationships with numerous suppliers in Europe, Africa and America.

As Fruitland nears its quarter century anniversary, the company looks back at its history with pride and with a sense of gratitude towards all its employees and affiliates who have in one way or another contributed in Fruitland’s story. Director and Co-Founder of Famalco Group Mr. Hermann Mallia stated that Fruitland will always have a special place in his heart, with it being the main identity of who the group is to date, “Fruitland Company Ltd. is the beating heart of Famalco Group. We are incredibly proud of its growth over these past 25 years, and we intend to keep honouring the industry that has been instrumental for our Family’s legacy”.

For more information about Fruitland, or any of its products, please call on (+356) 2339 2339. Fruitland Company Ltd. is a Fresh Produce Business Unit within Famalco | Building Business.