Leather jackets, the rumble of a revved-up engine and the thrill of the ride, have made Harley-Davidson the most iconic and recognisable motorcycle brand world-wide for over 100 years.

Even though nowadays the American brand is able to pump out thousands of fierce motorcycles each year, all enhanced with the latest technology available on the market, Harley-Davidson finds its roots in traditional and timeless designs, which have been used and admired for generations. Harley-Davidson’s humble origin story is something of an American Legend, dating back to 1901, when co-founder William S. Harley completed a blueprint drawing of an engine designed to fit into a bicycle at only 21 years of age. Only 2 years later, William S. Harley collaborated with Arthur Davidson to make available the first production of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, dawning the start of a 116 year legacy.

Harley-Davidson The Greatest Story on Two Wheels

In 1906, the first Harley-Davidson factory was unearthed in the form of a small shed in Milwaukee, where just 6 full-time employees worked tirelessly to produce the early versions of the machines we know and love today. Harley-Davidson’s early initiative did not go unnoticed, as shortly after, the American motorcycle company began its enduring relationship with the American police force, as the company began selling their motorcycles to the Detroit, MI Police Department. Only 1 year later following the release of their first classic V-Twin engine in 1909, the motor company set its sights on creating one of the first versions of the famed timeless ‘Bar and Shield’ logo still used to this day.

Being an all-American company, Harley-Davidson proudly answered the call when their country needed it most. During both World Wars, Harley-Davidson relentlessly supplied the U.S military with their motorcycles in order to aid the war efforts. As a result of their excellence in war-time production, in 1943, Harley-Davidson were graciously awarded the first of its four Army-Navy ‘E’ Awards, solidifying an outstanding relationship with the American people.

During the course of their military action, Harley-Davidson became the largest manufacturer of bikes in the world and through their popularity their reputation and bold image became instant staples of the brand. Surprisingly, it was 46 years after the company’s founding that the black leather jacket famous with Harley riders emerged. The outlaw image of riders rocking black leather jackets on-top of their Harley’s transcended culture with movie actors, legendary singers and superstars, such as Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando, eager to endorse the brand and play into this rebellious persona.

In the present day the Harley-Davidson brand is bigger, and stronger than ever, boasting a dedicated community known as the Harley-Davidson Owners Group (H.O.G.) and countless die-hard fans world-wide. With riders originating from the rocky mountains of North America to the traditional temples in Southern Japan, Harley-Davidson has been able to connect all corners of the world with the feeling of love and freedom for the open-road that only Harley-Davidson bikes can guarantee.

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