Fruitland Libya and Syria

A Fruitland Company Ltd delegation travelled to Libya and Syria in August to meet some of the company’s clients in this region.

The delegation, led by company director Hermann Mallia, held meetings with fruit trading companies that buy fruit and other supplies from Fruitland, Famalco Group’s fruit trading division. Some of these clients have a longstanding relationship with Fruitland – some of them placed their first orders with the company over eight years ago. As the regional agent of the American company Catalytic Generators LLC., Fruitland also supplies banana ripening equipment to some of the clients who welcomed the delegation in Libya and Syria.

“We are in regular contact with our international clients through telephone, email and video conferencing,” Hermann Mallia explained, “however, we make it a point to occasionally meet them face to face as well. It gives them a better opportunity to tell us how we can improve our products and services. Libya and Syria are two emerging markets with incredible potential for growth. We have seen how some of our clients are not only investing heavily in the fruit importation sector, but also branching out to start up new ventures in other sectors. Malta has always been a valuable partner for these clients, as we are in a better position to help them obtain expertise, equipment and other resources from other European countries.”

During the visit, the delegation also had time to meet some other importers who are not yet among Fruitland’s client list. These meetings were very positive, as some of them will be in contact with the company to start using its products and services in 2011.

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