FRUITLAND MAINTAINS IT'S YEARLY GROWTHFruitland Company Ltd., handlers of the GIOA brand, have been working hard though summer and autumn months, ensuring that the Maltese market has a steady flow of fresh fruit and vegetables, ingredients vitally important towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the transitional period.

Fruitland maintains its yearly growth

“A Fusion of Flavours, Colours and Cultures”

The company’s proud motto of ‘A Fusion of Flavours, Colours and Cultures’, has continuously illustrated Fruitland’s growing aspiration to only acquire only the freshest products of highest quality for their customers. This produce is imported globally with a numerous suppliers in Europe, Africa and Latin-America, this strong network has allowed the admission of several well-known brands, specialising in a wide range of products into the local company’s portfolio. Amongst others, the aforementioned famous GIOIA® bananas, Valentina apples, Diamond of California® walnuts and Fatina® dried fruits and nuts, have established themselves as household names under the Fruitland designation.

The fruit company fully understand the responsibility of handling and distributing their esteemed products, as their staff is always trained up to the highest international health, safety and food handling standards. Employees of the Fruitland brand have also been trained to be well versed in the knowledge of how their product helps maintain a positive lifestyle of energy, balance and health.

Fruitland maintains its yearly growth

For Fruitland Company Ltd., the promotion of a positive healthy lifestyle extends way beyond the sale of their products. The company frequently goes beyond the role of vendor and seeks events to sponsor, where exercise, positivity and health are the main focus, such as The President’s Solidarity Fun Run, where representatives of the brand, are often seen handing out GIOIA® bananas as a form of nutrition towards the runners.

With the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle becoming a larger factor in the lives of people in Malta, Fruitland have vowed to continue providing the population with only the highest quality produce and fruit, as well as maintain their highest standards in its handling and delivery.

For more information about Fruitland, or any of its products, please call on (+356) 2339 2339. Fruitland Company Ltd. is a Fresh Produce Business Unit within Famalco | Building Business