Throughout the last week, employees of the pizza delivery expert franchise, Domino’s, attended a mandatory sanitation training session. Domino’s employees found themselves in the safe hand of both, Pieter Gray, a pre auditor and tutor from the internationally recognised National Sanitation Foundation (UK), and by Domino’s head of Training consultant, Kalia Roumanou.


The training itself was organised by Famalco Group, and held at their head office training center in Attard. All information and discourse, was shared specifically with the Domino’s Representative Team Members forming from both the restaurants and the commissary.

The first day of training contained a seminar on global store food safety, with the main topics of interest including food safety and risk factors, cleanliness, maintenance and facility, storage, knowledge and compliance as well as violations. The training itself was critical for employees to operate in strict line with food safety regulations, and although many of the team members of Domino’s Malta are already certified with qualifications of handling food to the highest standard, the training itself was seen as a refresher in order to keep standards as high as one expected.


The second day of training included a store walkthrough and an unofficial pre audit of the Domino’s Qawra outlet. The National Sanitation Foundation team were guided through every stage of food preparation and delivery, where they were able to see employees work, and implement the necessary food handling safety precautions. Impressed with the high levels of organization and cleanliness it was concluded that the stores are in line with all international expectations.

The Domino’s team take the responsibility of food safety extremely serious. Whilst being pleased with the results of the training, the team understand their duty in maintaining the high standards they’ve set for themselves, and providing customers with the best possible experience.

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