Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC have successfully hosted their highly anticipated annual Gen Blue conference within the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, earlier this month between the 18th and the 20th of March.

Gen Blue Experience 2019

The Coldwell Banker brand is one of the largest and well-known brokerages in the world of Real Estate. Throughout their 113 years in operation, the real estate giants have not only become one of the most popular brand names in the US, but also established themselves in over 49 countries boasting 3,000 independently owned offices, with 88,000 affiliated sales professionals.This year, Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue welcomed over 4,300 affiliated agents and brokers from across the globe, providing them with an experience like no other within the real estate industry. The event, for many agents, is primarily seen as an annual celebration of the values Coldwell Banker is built on; Trust, Innovation, Collaboration, Consumer Focus and Business Acumen. These values are the foundations of all Coldwell Banker branches across the globe, they serve both as a familiar infrastructure and as a way for affiliates to bond through one international company culture.

Gen Blue Experience 2019

More than just the run of the mill company annual event, the Generation Blue conference has been offering both international and local affiliates of the Coldwell Banker brand a centralized location to converge since its inception back in 2011.The Generation Blue Experience has been a conference like no other. And, for the first time, the brand conference has been combined with a day hosted by Realogy. The event, Realogy Global Exchange (RGX), has been filled with tremendous learning from top-tier speakers, an amazing expo featuring the products and services of our world-class partners. It has been the largest the industry has ever seen.

Gen Blue Experience 2019 -Coldwell Banker Malta

Through the combined power of Gen Blue and RGX, IMAGINE DRAGONS delivered an outstanding performance LIVE at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, for an evening filled with superstar musical entertainment!For Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, Generation Blue gives their agents the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry, attending focused training seminars, groups and courses, establish themselves within the company lifestyle. Whilst the conference is a perfect opportunity for many affiliates to improve their work relations, Coldwell Banker ensure that every year the Gen Blue experience is fortified with an atmosphere of entertainment, where their agents can relax and enjoy themselves.

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