HOG Malta Chapter at Paqpaqli ghall-Istrina 2014

Recently, in the Fapi Motors showroom, Harley-Davidson bikes were used for a series of pre-wedding photos. The lovely couple opted for Harley-Davidson bikes as a symbol of the American influence their celebration will be based around.

During their wedding last Wednesday 7th of September, the couple served a wide range of culturally diverse food, but their love of different cultures, in particular, the American one was brought out in more creative ways. Beloved Maltese chef Neil Darmanin, a man with a passion for motorbikes, and his wife Leanne Sciberras came to the conclusion that given that the Harley-Davidson® brand is iconically American, it would perfectly represent the well anticipated American presence in their wedding.

International influences are abundant on the Maltese lifestyle, and Harley-Davidson® has made itself aware of this. It was with great pleasure that the Maltese representatives of the brand welcomed the couple with arms wide open, and will continue to do so for anyone else who is interested in using the brand for artistic purposes in the future. The motorbikes provides adventure and an aura of luxury to any given situation; they add credibility, authenticity and quality to the final product which would otherwise be hard to emulate.

Fapi Motors are the local distibutors of the Harley-Davidson brand. For more information call on (+356) 2339 3102 or come visit our showroom in Mdina Road, Attard.