Valentina Apples

Did you know that there are around 7,500 apple varieties produced all around the world? This would mean that if you attempted to try a different type per day, it would take you approximately 20 years until you would have tried them all, but that should not stop you. We all know that apples are really good for one’s health. One apple contains around 80 kcal and its high malic acid content, a substance used in teeth whitening products, make it the ideal fruit to eat for dental care.

This in no way means that eating an apple can substitute the twice a day routine of brushing your teeth; however, a good quality apple can serve as a great middle ground between your meal and your toothbrush. The apple’s fibrous texture stimulates the gums and produces saliva in your mouth, which helps rinse away bacteria and food particles momentarily.

Apples are abundant in the market, but the Mela Valentina stands out from the crowd. These Italian apples come from the finest Trentino trees, in a wide range of variety. The cool climate and extreme temperatures they come from provide the ideal growing environment for this type of fruit. Fruitland Company is the distributor of the Mela Valentina brand in Malta. For more information on where you can find this fruit, visit our warehouse in Attard, or send an email to info@Fruitland.Company.