American motorcycle company Harley-Davidson have officially announced an accelerated growth strategy aimed at expanding their ridership up to a staggering 4 million riders within the United States by 2027 from 3 million in 2017.

More Roads to Harley-Davidson

The company’s new incentive known as ‘More Roads to Harley-Davidson’ is already on plan to provide customers of the brand with stronger dealers, broader access and new products. Harley-Davidsons’ aim for the incentive is to nurture consumer insights in an effort to bolster the existing growth catalysts of a desire to the top quality products the American manufacturers are known for. Projections of the incentive are expecting a growth of “more than $1 billion” in annual revenue by 2022. In 2018, the company stated that its new sales strategy was expected to generate up to $1.5 billion in additional revenue by 2022.

Harley-Davidson growth plan

When talking in terms of the projected compelling growth, Harley-Davidson understand that the strategy they have initiated will require “substantial investment”. The company expects an operating investment of $450 million to $550 million through 2022, and capital investment of $225 million to $275 million.

Outside of the United States, Harley-Davidson plan to grow their global business by as much as 50% of annual revenue, if not more. Figures remain subject to change, as they do not take into consideration the introduction of new opportunities Harley-Davidson are perusing, such as electric powered two-wheelers, eBicycles and new apparel. The company is also expecting to launch a fully electric LiveWire model this year as well as more middleweight motorcycles for their riders.

“We’re on a quest to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders,” president and CEO Matt Levatich said. “We are activating our refined plan with focus and intensity to create new pathways to Harley-Davidson and expand access and appeal to more people around the world.”

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